Government Inquiry into the Arts Budget.

by Alex from Maybe ( ) Together


I’m usually one to get fierce when this sort of things happens. To write lots, do creative actions – that sort of thing.

But. I was already running on empty when this news came – and I haven’t found the words or energy to write. My friends call this fatigue.

I’m so very appreciative to all those that are running #freethearts. There are some stella people doing so. I want to give you all hugs and high fives and know that I’m watching, liking, sharing, and doing as much as I can without breaking, even though it is small.

I also have written this rather dry, but necessary document for the inquiry. It took me a day and a few keen eyes that have nothing to do with the arts. It’s numbers, personal and angry.

Read it here.

I hope if you’re an Aussie you’ll write your own submission.
I’ve been told formal is best. To include statistics, quotes and numbers.
To be personal, but also talk about the bigger picture.
Nava has also written guidelines.
The MEAA has talked about it being about “power”, and demonstrating that the arts.has.power.

So I urge you, whoever you are to write into this inquiry. Even if it’s a paragraph voicing your concerns as an audience member. About diversity of art perhaps. Or the fact you might not want your children to only have access to shakespeare and work from MTC as their “arts experience”.
The list of organisations currently on triennial funding that are being directly affected are here. Ilbijjeri, ACCA, NextWave, Back to Back, ATYP, Polyglot, La Mama…just to name a few!
Not to mention the project funding that Aus Co does.

If you want to read more about it, head to Feral Art’s collation of all writings here.

xx Alex.