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Month: July, 2014

You can’t own a landscape. The gift of Bundanon.

Dear Bundanon, afternoon

My two weeks are up.
As Gary, the caretaker said this morning, all good things have to come to an end.
It’s been…well…wonderful.
And probably even better than I understand now.

The two weeks have been rich.
on the hillWith views. Both kinds.
The nature sort, and the people’s brains sort.

Walking and floating.
Through the paddocks.
Shoalhaven river.
And trees.

And being still.
Watching the wombats. The birds. The roos, as they stare back.
Listening to music.lines

But the most valid thing, for me. Is that I’ve really been able to think.
These wide paddocks and waterways have opened up space inside.
To think big myself, which I was in desparate need of.

From here I’ve read about Gaza, MH17 and the carbon tax.
And remembered why I do art.
And asked myself “what does the world need to hear?”

river kayakDespite being without phone reception, I’ve connected with artists I’ve been meaning to connect with in ages.
To talk about these big ideas.
I don’t think i’ve had so many inspiring conversations day after day in ages.

And the artists I met here. Brad, Margaret & Ade in particular.
The wine and food we’ve shared & the peeking into eachother’s practice has been wonderful.

mirrorArthur Boyd gave this place to artists.
Because “you can’t own a landscape”.
He was about sharing.
An inspiration to us artists. In this time and place.
Me in particular.

Thank you.
Thank you Arthur & the Bundanon team.

x A.


Water. 水. Mizu.

hello blog.
It’s been a while.
I want to show you this:

And make sense of water.
And this new work I want to do about floating.

In Japan there is water everywhere.
Shrines for washing.
In gardens for watching.
Tea, slowly brewing.
Onsen, soaking.
Coi floating with, against and for.
Embedded in moss & lilies.
Drenching me in hot summer rain.

I sat in teahouses. And watched the leaves sway.
Or sat on a bridge and stared into the flowing water.
For hours.
Followed a coi down a stream
Watched a turtle swim back and forth.

And in finding the stillness of me.
The zen.
My mind floated….

Is it the sound. The image. The slowness. The sitting. Being away from home?
TBContinued x