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Month: May, 2012

Declaration of Cultural Revolutionaries.

This just got me very inspired….www. culturalrevolutionaries.org


This is an open experiment.
A putting in words of what is already in the air.
The more this declaration is being read, thought or spoken out, the more its energy will manifest in our world and in our society.
If what is written here resonates with you, make it your statement.
Find ways to read it, share it and put it into action.
Cultural revolutionaries…
_live, act, work with and not against nature
_know that life is too complex to understand it intellectually
_build and support local, self-governed economies
_value and safe-guard diversity of all kind
_value interdependence, since they know that nothing is separate
_regard themselves as equal to all life forms
_protect and support life
_love and support children unconditionally
_work on themselves towards greater awareness
_know about ecological principles and integrate them into their lifes
_see music and dance as an integral part of their expression and communication
_live on an animate earth and regard it as sacred
_know how to grow their own food
_appreciate their sensory awareness
_celebrate life
_make the shift from thinking ‘either, or’ to thinking ‘as well, as’
_share their knowledge
_understand and integrate process as a way of being
_are not identified with their body, thoughts or emotions
_see the mind as a tool
_realize that essentially there is no right or wrong
_are not identified with any social tag, their past or their future
_are aware that the very essence of who they are is life itself
_take responsibility for their emotions
_are aware of and value their relationships to their living and seemingly non-living surroundings
_value and integrate the wisdom of women
_value and integrate the wisdom of indigenous cultures
_value generalist knowledge
_are aware of change as one of the core principles of evolution
_work towards diversification and decentralization
_engage in and create bonds to the place where they live
_turn from dependent consumers to responsible producers
_are looking for ways so that their interests and talents may unfold
_have the courage to resist and disobey laws that render self-rule, self-provisioning, and self-sustenance illegal
_are informed about the current money system and identify it as a contemporary form of enslavement
_identify and boycott biological, cultural, social and philosophical monocultures
_boycott monopolies of any kind
_question everyone who promotes one solution
_value environmental and human ethics over profit maximization
_boycott corporations and banks operating for profit maximization
_reclaim land and forests as common good
_reclaim water as common good
_reclaim biodiversity and knowledge as common good
_are aware that they participate in the process of co-creation at all time
_allow life to unfold through them
Berlin, 03/2009

Split in Two (Part 2)

Amongst these sea of big ideas, the topic of evolution has arisen.

Here’s a series of ideas about evolution (from a conversation with Sara Topsoe-Jensen from Carte Blanche.)

Idea 1: So, I’ve just heard about Multiple Discovery which is essentially when scientists working independently of eachother (and ofen in secret) come up with the same “break throughs” around the same time.
What if this was actually a moment of evolution. Where the collective human species brain evolves to a point where it breaks through this wall of thought. (a crack!)

This might also be the reason where culturally whenever i travel, I find people “on the same page” as me. Sure, this is in assistance with media (and I’m talking about other developed countries, others have enough to think about.) but the way “good ideas” spread or similar conclusions are created…it’s fascinating.

And the internet has only made this thinking and contagion faster. Threads of new thoughts are pasted together and developed into new ideas. TED, Facebook, Online Newspapers, Online Collaborative Research…all allow this to happen faster than ever before.

Idea 2: If you believe that humans are a product of 4 billion years of evolution. From a fish. Or a monkey. Or just a cell. If you think about this, it makes you wonder what we will develop into next. (apparently there is someone who thinks we’ll turn into rays of light…?) And I wonder if with all this sharing of knowledge/intelligence/ideas if we have the possibility of evolving faster than ever before?

Or if we could strategically affect our own evolution?

Idea 3:
As a species, might we evolve into different animals?
Split society in two. three. twelve.

It’s an idea…



Split in two. (Part 1)

As part of Small Voices (Tipsy Teacup‘s show in development) I describe a “big thought” as a moment when my brain splits a little and makes space.

That night, I dreamt of myself being split in two.

As I leave Denmark I can feel this desire to move here. Where art is fosterd. Children’s theatre is celebrated. Philosophy and big thinking is part of the culture…

And while I’ve been here basking in this way of life, its interesting to hear the Danes’ current issues.

On more than one occasion I have heard Danes talk about how children are told too often that they are special, unique. And that there needs to be more rigor in discipline and reality.  I have also heard this from adults…they’ve hit a stafe of such luxury and personal growth (through mediation, spas, yoga, mental health. Ie a focus on themselves) that they are feeling something is missing. These people were itching to make an impact. To talk about a revolution. To talk about change. About generosity and giving.

Just now a man on the train told me. “Yes Denmark is good. But rich. Maybe too rich.”

This is in relation (i think! Am not pretending to be an expert) to the immigration that is occuring. Racism and policies encouraging lockdown of the borders is arising, and while some are wanting to do this…the left are beginning to think about their own wealth, fortunatism and what to do.

I’ve had this small idolisation of Denmark. That it’s Australia in 10 years. And this shift in thinking here is interesting.

I do believe that individuals need to look after themselves. Because if you aren’t content, safe and nourished – the energy you have to change the world will be severly diminished.

It’s this point that we need to look at.
To not allow the I to take over the “we”.
To find the energy, motivation and capacity to instigate change.



Big Thoughts.

The moment when your brain opens a tiny bit.
Where if finds space, even though you thought it was full.

Amoment to boggle. to bewilder. to catch your breath.
To feel small.
Then strong.

Your brain clunks out of its rhythm.
It flies.

The entirity of this earth is more nothing than something.
It was all once condensed to the size of an orange.
Yes. Everything.

If magic is what we give to everything that happens, where we don’t understand it.
Then electricity was once magic.
Imagine if we could understand everything…

Think about the chance of your parents meeting.
Then think about the chance of the egg and sperm that created you, meeting.
Then think about this same chance with your parents, your grand parents, your great grandparents.

We’re the result of over 40 billion years of evolution.

Did language dull our sense of intuition?

Who decided we only had five senses? Or eight including the  agreed temperature, kinetic & balance.
What about our sense of fear? Of attraction? Of love?



Capturing childrens’ voices. The hurdles.

In my current work I’m trying to capture the children’s voice and share it with adults through sound recordings.

How to get children to the “poetic” or “empowered” state of being, and to stay there sufficiently so that they can talk from this state.

Sara, my mentor, has provoked me by suggesting I return to this idea of truth. The idea being if I’m truthful and honest, then children will respect that, and it will take them to a higher level of responsbility (empowerment.) I did this, and it kinda worked. I could see the children enter this philosophical state…but then when the children moved into pairs and asked eachother questions (what is happiness? what is love? What is responsiblity?”…it disappeared.

Can we ever tell children “there is no right answer” and for them to believe it? We/They are trained like puppies that there is always an answer. So when I ask them “what is happiness?” they instinctively try to find synonyms rather than look at the bigger picture and find the poetic. (at least in the 8 to 12 yr group)

So I feel I have a few options:
– remove questions, and offer openness. Tell me anything. Tell me a story about stars. About the sun. About the brain. About the tiny dust floating in the air. About a drop of water. About…
– limit the age to under 6.
– forget the idea that the space can create this atmosphere for children, and just conduct group interviews. (maybe create a game experience instead?)
– simply conduct 1:1 interviews
– find a way to break this tradition of right answers, quickly and well.

(i feel an education revolution brewing in me.)



Just a quick and short post about MACAO.

Across Italy (starting in Rome) theatre, tv and film workers have started “occupying” (its not directly associated with #occupy as there is a translation issue as occupado also means squatting..) buildings.

I visited the one in Milan, but was unable to get in..but was overwhelmingly impressed.

Over 300 workers have taken over a skyscraper. Yes a skyscraper.

They have deliberately disassociated themselves from other squatting/occupy movements in that they are determined to give back to the city. So have a range of performances and activities each day.

It was completely inspirational, professional, amazing.

And this is in ITALY. A place where chaos is the norm. It was by far the most organised thing I saw. (with love, italy, there is much greatness in the chaos!)

I went on a Friday evening, and there was quite a crowd out the front. They’d locked so as not to have any trouble. And when a fight did break out they asked everyone to leave. They even started shouting that “the fight is fake. It is a trick by the government. Macao does not support violence.”

Here are a few (crappy) pics i took. And some links to more.

Beautiful photos and philosophy – Vogue

Facebook – photos of all the activities etc.

Their website – check out their videos to see how productive they’re being. 40 videos in 10 days…!

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Occupy London. May Day.

Took a little detour this evening to St Paul’s to see if I could see any Occupy remnants, particulary as it’s May day, and there has been an Occupy campaign that this be a day of strike (No work. No school. No shopping. No banking. No trading.)

I found these little pieces of evidence which made me glad to find:

Plus a police van.

A little walk away, I stumbled across a group of 60 or so.
Tents. Megaphone. Masks. Police.

I got speaking to one of the fellas who was from Occupy St Pauls. The May day protest was the first time they’d all congregated back together since the eviction. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if there were more media/documentees or occupiers. Just by standing there for a little while, I started to get really uncomfortable at the amount of footage was being taken of me. Which is ultimately why I didn’t stay beyond my one (excellent) conversation.

I don’t know if you can see from the photos but there was one man up on the monument. With his tent.
Many of the occupiers were pissed, which I thought was a shame: I don’t remember that in Melbourne.
There was a sense of comradeship. Of friendship. But also a tension of “what do we do now?”
There was a line of tents. But it didn’t look like anyone was actually intending on sleeping in any of them.

I can’t help but feel that creativity is the key to the occupy movement’s next steps.
Perhaps biased. Perhaps a personal need for a focus.
But hopefully, an opportunity.
Look out for #occupysmallstreet for step one.


Gallery #1 vs #2. #2 wins.

Today I visited two galleries.
#1 was the Saatchi Gallery. And I have never been through a three level gallery as quickly as I did today. It was white wall elitist art at its best. Depressing unengaging photography with little regard for the amazing projects going on in the world (see gallery #2). Ironically, the one photograph that caught my attention was one I’d already seen on the internet.

#2 was The Hayward Gallery. Jeremy Deller: my new creative crush.


Now here is an artist that engages with what’s going on in the world. And has done so for 20 years. Three cheers to Hayward for curating his work now.

There were many things I enjoyed about this exhibition: it’s layout. it’s accessibility. it’s interactivity. it’s generosity.

One particular part I spent much time in was the Manchester International Festival Procession. Best described here:

One of the floats of the festival was “Valerie’s Diner”. Which was in the exhibition, where if you sat down you were offered a tea while watching a video of the procession with it’s beauty queens, unrepentant smokers, funeral directors, bagpipe players and all the wonderfully bizarre social groups that exist in Manchester.

He also had a voiced over slide show of all the big and small things he has done. One was his folk archive, where he travelled with Alan Kane around the UK documenting various traditions/games/things. Like, the ugliest face pulling contest or a greasy pole climbing competition. (said greasy pole was removed due to liability issues as the pole wasn’t permanent. The response from Deller was that he built a “public sculpture” as a permanent structure in the city, which turned into a greasy pole once a year. nice.)

It was so heart-warming to see this work being presented in a contemporary gallery. I can’t help but feel that this isn’t celebrated in Australia. Perhaps I’m being unnecessarily pessimistic, but the turn-around for the galleries, and the lack of bravery I witness in curation means work like this would not be shown in Australia NOW.
Celebration of the political artist.
The social artist.
The collaborative artist.
Joy to the people.