Kiss It Better

by Alex from Maybe ( ) Together

Just a little note to the internet to say: Kathy Holowko & I did this:

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It’s for the lovely fishermen and people we talk to and see down at Laughing Waters daily.
Lovely because of the conversations we have.
Not so lovely when they leave piles of coke cans, cigarette butts, beer bottles, maccas wrappers and general rubbish in such an idyllic spot.*

Also. Because some people GRAFFED A TREE. A TREE.
As some lovely boys said yesterday as they saw us painting it:
“Graff’s for the city, man. Why the fuck would you graff a tree?”

So. We wanted to cover the graff, and make a statement that provoked people (gently) into being better.
I wanted to write “you’re the result of 4 billion years of evolution, fucking act like it.”
We fortunately(unfortunately) found a band-aid down there that said “Kiss it Better”.

So became a process of finding eco-ways to paint the log.
Trialling of natural glues, colours, natural pigments.
In the end we made paint out of a natural water-proof glue made of glycerine, vinegar & gelatine.
And mixed in chalk (gypsom) & ground ochre stone.
The glue is the same. You can find the recipe here.
(Feel free to post other rad natural glues/paints for outdoor use below too!)

Kiss the log better.
Kiss the world better.
Kiss eachother better.


before & after
*Kathy noted: Is it a co-incidence  those that eat rubbish (aka maccas & coke) are always the ones leaving the rubbish?