Why The Future Postal Service

by Alex from Maybe ( ) Together

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reminder list.

Its useful, sometimes, to reflect while making why you decided to make a work in the first place.
Because sometimes details take over.
And things look like a ball of string tangled about the size of oneself.

This is as much a reminder for myself as it is a blog post.
The Future Postal is:

For children:
– a game
– empowering. allowing them to navigate public space & be challenged with the content.
– revealing. Whether it be a question, their first experience of a random act of kindness or the concept of us all being connected, or playing in public space…
For adults:
– a reminder for adults about the collective responsibility they have for future generations.
– an empowering experience
– a joyful experience between a stranger adult and child – testing the boundaries/benefits of stranger danger.

This project was seeded through my own experience of public gifting coupled with the joy/learning/perspective I receive from working with children.


The Future Postal Service in delivery mode.

Adults are told not to interact with children that aren’t their own.
Touching, talking, playing are all off-bounds – particularly for men.
This makes me sad. So sad.
Because it takes a community to bring up a child.

This follows through to our adulthood. A culture of expecting the worst from strangers, rather than the best.
99% of people are AMAZING.
Yet we have a society protecting ourselves from the 1%.

We all know the delight of an incidental conversation.
A moment of unexpected connection, laughter, knowledge, empathy, perspective.
Or an incidental smile.
Eye connection.
Generous giving up of a seat, queue spot or coffee.

plane inside

A thank you note from an adult to a child.

Children should not miss out on these moments.

This is also about the cotton-woolling of children.
Of building resiliance and skills through experience and learning.
Do we want to bring up children that haven’t experienced being lost and found?

Or know how to navigate space they don’t know?
To trust their own instincts about people, and develop skills to leave.

And for adults, what do we lose by separating ourselves from children?
Segregating them to schools and child-only areas? Adhering to cultural expectations, rules & fear?
We lose an invitation to play.
A reminder of our own childhood and perspective.
A reminder to be curious.
The joy in innocence.

Clarity in questions. (Essentially, cutting through the bullshit)
We’re reminded of the future we will leave behind.
We lose the voice of the next generation.


Child’s words on a poster. Selected by an adult.

And this is not always found in our own children.
It takes the voice of a stranger child, a serendipitous moment.

This is what The Future Postal Service is about.

Further reading:
Lenore Skenazy in general
Particularly the answer to the question: how long would you have to leave your child outside and unsupervised before he was statistically kidnapped? (Spoiler: 750,000 years)
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Season Details:
Mon 7 – Tues 11 April from 10am to 2pm
The Amphitheatre, Federation Square. (the green astro turf on Flinders St side next to ACMI)
For children 7 yrs & up
And passing adults.
You can see a little preview vid here.