Realising One’s Dream

by Alex from Maybe ( ) Together

I’m part of this competition.
From 750 I got down to the top 15.
Which I am quite humbled and a bit amazed by.

I know the work of about half of them. And personally four others.
And this makes it hard.
Because we all deserve to win in our own ways.

So. Adhering to transparency, sharing and dreaming – I am sharing my application.

Vote for me if you think I deserve it. Vote for others if you think they deserve it.

This is what I’d do:

Residency at The School of Life
This would be an unparalleled research opportunity into themes central to my work: philosophy, love, work/life balance, empowering people and more.

There’s a growing trend linking participatory art and social enterprise. I want to immerse myself in this leading organization, understand how it works and how my art connects.

Meet with artist crushes & those with like work to research, guide and befriend:
– Punch Drunk’s Felix Barrett – I’ve watched their immersive theatre grow over the past 10 years and more recently (and interestingly) to children’s work.
–  National Theatre of Wales’ John McGrath – his talk in Melbourne was very inspiring. I am interested in his “theatre without walls” and work at Contact Theatre. There are parallels with the concept “together” within my work
– Coney’s Tassos Stevens & Starcatchers’ Katy Wilson (who I already know)
– Subject to Change’s Abigail Conway
– The Live Art Development Agency

Pitching work:
My work has featured at multi-arts festivals & centres, children’s festivals, art galleries and music festivals.

I’d approach:
– National Theatre (Watch This Space), Battersea Arts Centre
–  Secret Arts & Garden Party, End of the Road festival
–  Ipswitch Arts Festival, Norfolk & Norwich festival
–  Imaginate, The Spark Festival, Big Imaginations
–  Tate Kids

Why the UK?
–  The UK has a strong industry of participatory & live art. I want to hear the conversation, exchange and be provoked to think bigger, broader and deeper.
–  I have a network in Europe to tour work, UK is missing.
–  The School of Life was born in London.

Why me?
Because any investment in my work has a broad reach.
It’s shared with various collaborators and organisations I work with.
And audiences.

I’m known for making things happen.
Of making high quality work.
Of sharing.

Because I believe in “together”.