What is Family Friendly.

by Alex from Maybe ( ) Together

I don’t know the details of this.
Nor do I know the variety of images that were deemed not suitable for a “family friendly” event.

The ABC have reported that images like these were deemed so, and thus withdrawn from Vivid Sydney:



In Australia, we have a tendency to hide  things from children.
And I think we often underestimate their ability to sit with complex issues, to see reality, and to form their own opinions and emotions.
This is part of growing up, of developing thought paths within your brain, of understanding the world.

Death. Disaster. War. Ethical complexity.
Sexuality. Intimate love. Hardship. Complex humanity.
They* are all things that will happen in their life time and will need to form the words and thoughts to cope.

As artists and arts organisations, we need to not shy away from challenging audiences.
Stop worrying about repercussions, bad press.
But to be brave.
We need to be part of a culture shift.
Equip people (children & their carers) with the tools to view, think, discuss and sit with the difficult.

We are all responsible for children, as they will be inheriting the world we leave behind.

If we respect children. They will respect themselves.

*Please note the irony here if we think about the way we allow children to view violence.