Falling back into Small Voices.

by Alex from Maybe ( ) Together

hs-2011-35-b-printHaving fallen here after a fairly solid 4 months crazy crazy, I’m slowly floating to the surface.

Last week, I considered applying for an artistic director of a theatre company. I struggled with the idea of being locked into “theatre”. I probably also was overwhelmed with other work. And maybe now regret not applying.
However, in that morning I did write this:

“For me, the child is equal.
They have a mind, a way that I don’t have. That we don’t have.
They have a role in our society. And I don’t think we listen enough.
Their optimism. Their ability to cut through needless complexity. The freedom of their imagination. Their inherent sense of play.
I have created works where the child’s voice unlocks the adults heart. Making the adults think about the future. Seeding responsibility.
I am currently developing a work were I sit and talk with children about big ideas. About the big questions, and the impossible answers.
What is love?
What is the difference between adults and children?
How would you describe friendship?
What is the biggest question in the world?
What does the world need?
The words the children respond with are then edited together to make a public sound work.

I am interested in what children can show adults.
There are many adults in this world that don’t interact with children.
I think they miss out on something important.
It is also difficult, I think, for adults to really listen to children.
Even parents.
Routine, business and habit – general modern day living.
Art, can be the circuit breaker.

I see theatre and my practice as an exchange.
An exchange between audience and artist.
The child audience is a pretty amazing audience to exchange with.
My work is increasingly playing with this moment.
I love what beguiling moments provides in exchange.”

Small Voices embodies all of this.

Follow me fall into this work again.
As writing becomes the saviour to complex thinking…