Goodbye Tipsy Teacup.

by Alex from Maybe ( ) Together

Tipsy Teacup began with Kaleidoscope in 2007. A name I had in my head that came tumbling out full of whimsy and interaction. Then came the works Clickety Tock, A Little Piece, Small Voices…and somewhere along the line Tipsy Teacup became related to the work I made for children.

Since then my work has shifted. I’m interested in interventions, moments of exchange, big questions, democracy and empathy.

After  being pushed by my friend and collaborator Ben Landau and about three months of trying different names, I found it.
This is now about all my work.
I will always be a little bit miss tipsy teacup (I’m keeping this blog!), but this is about all the other shoes I fit too.

It’s about the audience and artist sitting equally.
Sitting together. Listening together. Thinking big together.
Its about connection.
It’s about believing in people.
It’s about not knowing, and taking a jump.

yellow & white on blue copy

Introducing: Maybe (    ) Together.