No burning please.

by Alex from Maybe ( ) Together

keep burn

I think i must be one of the very few teenagers of the 90s who didn’t burn a love-letter.

It was the thing you did/do, isn’t it? Burn all those tokens left by your ex. Surely?

Well. I wanted to burn them. And others, for a project I’m working on: the hArtefact museum.

Not only was it deemed dangerous by the venue, but we realised that burning soft-toys, clothes, and other polyesters and plastics was not a good idea for a) the environment or b) our lungs.

We also realised we were conflicted about the potential re-use of these objects.
Wouldn’t it be better to donate them to an op-shop or re-gift them?

These objects of affection, memory, anxiety, hate, conflict and love are tricky things, aren’t they?

Put them in a bottle and throw them in the ocean.
Smash them to smithereens.
Attach them to a helium balloon.
Find a worthy stranger and give it to them.
Post it back to the ex.
Bury it.
Donate it to the hArtefact museum.
Create art with it. (A sculpture, perhaps.)

Anyone got any other suggestions…?