by Alex from Maybe ( ) Together

The fascination of gleaning, is fast becoming an obsession. Where once I walked with my eyes on the clouds, they now fossick the footpath.

Bottle tops. Coloured straws. Bread tags.
Popsticks. Discarded posters. Spoons.
Plastic detritus: zip ties, shards n’ colour.
Nails and screws. Un-dry rubber bands.
Metal. Of all varieties.
The rusted. The flattened. The curios.
The bright. The usable. The ready-to-be-scrubbed-clean.

As a proposal from The School of Life, Tony Adams from Slow Art Collective and myself created an installation for their Sustainability Feast using only items we’d found within 100 metres of the venue.

The result: a TrashMap of Collingwood, made from materials we had collected from within 100m of The School of Life. In only 2 walks, each of about an hour each.

The amount of things we found so quickly appalls me. 
A timely reminder at the need of nothing.

TrashMap involved those at the  event, inviting them to construct contributions to the Collingwood map. Some were specific (the toy shop on Smith st, the people’s market, the tree on the corner, Abbotsford convent…) to the abstract.

“It’s kind of like lego. But with a glue gun.”  – child.

The accessibility of work like this is key. Not only through public contributing, but it will also sit there for the next few weeks, hopefully starting conversations, thoughts, creativity, maybe even the mixture of guilt and hope…

More photos can be found here too.

For the real thing you can visit School of Life at 22 Peel St, Collingwood, open Fridays from 4pm to 10pm & weekends 8am till 5.30pm.