Social art & Social enterprise

by Alex from Maybe ( ) Together

Last year i was introduced to the term social enterprise:
“A social enterprise is an organization that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being, rather than maximising profits for external shareholders. Social enterprises can be structured as a for-profit or non-profit, and may take the form of a co-operativemutual organization, a social business, or a charity organization.” – wikipedia

And with a little push, I started thinking about my obsession with accessibility might be an alignment with social enterprise. The “trick” of providing something an audience member wants, then subtly and carefully pitching a bigger issue, a bigger question.

Similarity brainstorm:
Hope for change.
Optimistic. Small actions = big change.
Interactive & involves audience decision making.
Often experiential too…
Aim for inspiration.
Are often multi-pronged in their action.
They think holistically in their process.
[to be continued…]


I recently did a little project at the School of Life.
It’s a place for middle class and upper folks to find more meaning. In life.
Be it work, love, creativity, breakfast or big thoughts.

It’s first residence in Melbourne is a pop-up 10 week term in Collingwood.

While hardly any is free, most quite expensive – I am interested in accessing it’s demographic. Similar to my own work within city streets for city workers & aligned with the continual research of big questions.

I also love that this is not funded by anyone. It is based on ticket sales, favours and inkind support in the way of plants, food, rent. Small Giants are good that way…

For their Native Food Feast for Australia Day, myself and Tony Adams from Slow Art Collective collaborated to create a wall installation out of recycled materials: TRASHMAP 3066


And also (spruik!) I be back at The School of Life for #ModernLove. An interactive exploration of love today. Of dating sites, digital notes and facebook stalking.
I’ll be working on hArtefacts –  a collection of objects from past loves. [watch this space]