A mobile library.

by Alex from Maybe ( ) Together

One of my good friends and collaborators did this trial.

A list of why I like this:
It turns the library into a character. A bright coloured yellow-type-snail of a character.
The ability for the books to be location specific
It breaks that awkward barrier in public space of marketing vs busking. There is general understanding of what a library is – but i do wonder if they think he is selling them at all.
He has his own seat that still makes him look like a snail.
Accessible, amusing, even a bit joyful and generous.

Questions I have:
Is it for temporary or long-term borrowing?
Could there be seats (or hammocks!) for those that borrow for an hour or so?
Would it need to be regular to gain momentum?
Where are other potential locations – festivals. events. parks. beaches. hospital waiting rooms. train stations. airports. ticket queues & camp outs.
Would it be of value to make some form of “payment” to make it of more value/books returned?

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