by Alex from Maybe ( ) Together

Ok. So I’m NOT supporting Gina Rinehart here.
Fo me, she’s adapted into a male’s world and is playing it damn well.

But this week this shocked me:



And then, this week, I started checking what articles I was reading and who wrote them. And I realised I had very few go-to female writers.

And then, even more concerning I realised that all the rape articles I was reading from this week’s hot topic were written by men. MEN.  About Rape.

Just to clarify:
Men saying stupid/ignorant things. Commented on by Men. About Rape.

And then, thank god, i was sent to this article by Stephanie Convery. Yes, a WOMAN. And it’s damn good. And sensitive. And thoughtful. And is exactly what the world needs to read.

And then I was upset it wasn’t in The Age, or seriously going viral.

So I wrote about that here. So here. Share. Talk. Spread.