Chalk. Freedom. This Moment.

by Alex from Maybe ( ) Together

Did you know it’s illegal to chalk in Australia?
I didn’t.
Until last year.
Occupy taught me a lot.
Chalk is temporary.
My memory of the policeman’s aggression towards me and my chalk fish is not.
Hopscotch. Protests. Art.
When did chalk become illegal?

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Pussy Riot.
Robert Doyle’s continual dismissing of Occupy.
Asylum Seekers.
The Kimberley.
And all the things that I’m ignorant of.

The world makes very little sense at the moment.
The lack of big picture thinking is stifling.

But two art experiences this weekend gave me hope:

“Blogs and the Internet are great inventions for our time, because they give regular people an opportunity to change public opinion.”

“I think there is a responsibility for any artist to protect freedom of expression.”

 Ai Wei Wei: Never Sorry

Dance like no one is watching.
But they are.
The whole world is watching.
And the world is on your shoulders.
And it’s on fire.

Personal Political Physical Challenge

It’s on our shoulders.
You. Me. Us.
Change needs to happen.