Dear Hope Street.

by Alex from Maybe ( ) Together

Dear Hope Street is a whimsical interactive workshop for children and strangers.

I have become increasingly interested in the role children can play in interacting with strangers. This project seeded with the fear/hope I have with the internet. How it offers so much inspiration and connection, but crosses a line of privacy.

Google Street View falls into this category.
It’s amazing/ridiculous.
It genuinely scares me that I can look up people’s addresses and send them pictures of their home.
And sometimes they’re even standing out the front.

Out the front of my address the trees look smaller, the fence straigher. My old car is there. And my ex-boyfriends car isn’t which places the photo within a 3 month period.

So. For the workshop children will be choosing somewhere in the world and looking for a “Hope Street”, or  “Carrer de l’Esperança’, “Lootuse Tee” or “Vonarstræti”. Google street view this street and pick a house they want to draw.

Then we’ll write to them. Draw a picture of their house (freak out or delight?). Tell them some hopes.
Maybe inspire them.
Maybe even get a response.
We’ll see….

Here is the blog if you want to follow it