Split in Two (Part 2)

by Alex from Maybe ( ) Together

Amongst these sea of big ideas, the topic of evolution has arisen.

Here’s a series of ideas about evolution (from a conversation with Sara Topsoe-Jensen from Carte Blanche.)

Idea 1: So, I’ve just heard about Multiple Discovery which is essentially when scientists working independently of eachother (and ofen in secret) come up with the same “break throughs” around the same time.
What if this was actually a moment of evolution. Where the collective human species brain evolves to a point where it breaks through this wall of thought. (a crack!)

This might also be the reason where culturally whenever i travel, I find people “on the same page” as me. Sure, this is in assistance with media (and I’m talking about other developed countries, others have enough to think about.) but the way “good ideas” spread or similar conclusions are created…it’s fascinating.

And the internet has only made this thinking and contagion faster. Threads of new thoughts are pasted together and developed into new ideas. TED, Facebook, Online Newspapers, Online Collaborative Research…all allow this to happen faster than ever before.

Idea 2: If you believe that humans are a product of 4 billion years of evolution. From a fish. Or a monkey. Or just a cell. If you think about this, it makes you wonder what we will develop into next. (apparently there is someone who thinks we’ll turn into rays of light…?) And I wonder if with all this sharing of knowledge/intelligence/ideas if we have the possibility of evolving faster than ever before?

Or if we could strategically affect our own evolution?

Idea 3:
As a species, might we evolve into different animals?
Split society in two. three. twelve.

It’s an idea…