Split in two. (Part 1)

by Alex from Maybe ( ) Together

As part of Small Voices (Tipsy Teacup‘s show in development) I describe a “big thought” as a moment when my brain splits a little and makes space.

That night, I dreamt of myself being split in two.

As I leave Denmark I can feel this desire to move here. Where art is fosterd. Children’s theatre is celebrated. Philosophy and big thinking is part of the culture…

And while I’ve been here basking in this way of life, its interesting to hear the Danes’ current issues.

On more than one occasion I have heard Danes talk about how children are told too often that they are special, unique. And that there needs to be more rigor in discipline and reality.  I have also heard this from adults…they’ve hit a stafe of such luxury and personal growth (through mediation, spas, yoga, mental health. Ie a focus on themselves) that they are feeling something is missing. These people were itching to make an impact. To talk about a revolution. To talk about change. About generosity and giving.

Just now a man on the train told me. “Yes Denmark is good. But rich. Maybe too rich.”

This is in relation (i think! Am not pretending to be an expert) to the immigration that is occuring. Racism and policies encouraging lockdown of the borders is arising, and while some are wanting to do this…the left are beginning to think about their own wealth, fortunatism and what to do.

I’ve had this small idolisation of Denmark. That it’s Australia in 10 years. And this shift in thinking here is interesting.

I do believe that individuals need to look after themselves. Because if you aren’t content, safe and nourished – the energy you have to change the world will be severly diminished.

It’s this point that we need to look at.
To not allow the I to take over the “we”.
To find the energy, motivation and capacity to instigate change.