Big Thoughts.

by Alex from Maybe ( ) Together

The moment when your brain opens a tiny bit.
Where if finds space, even though you thought it was full.

Amoment to boggle. to bewilder. to catch your breath.
To feel small.
Then strong.

Your brain clunks out of its rhythm.
It flies.

The entirity of this earth is more nothing than something.
It was all once condensed to the size of an orange.
Yes. Everything.

If magic is what we give to everything that happens, where we don’t understand it.
Then electricity was once magic.
Imagine if we could understand everything…

Think about the chance of your parents meeting.
Then think about the chance of the egg and sperm that created you, meeting.
Then think about this same chance with your parents, your grand parents, your great grandparents.

We’re the result of over 40 billion years of evolution.

Did language dull our sense of intuition?

Who decided we only had five senses? Or eight including the  agreed temperature, kinetic & balance.
What about our sense of fear? Of attraction? Of love?!