by Alex from Maybe ( ) Together

Just a quick and short post about MACAO.

Across Italy (starting in Rome) theatre, tv and film workers have started “occupying” (its not directly associated with #occupy as there is a translation issue as occupado also means squatting..) buildings.

I visited the one in Milan, but was unable to get in..but was overwhelmingly impressed.

Over 300 workers have taken over a skyscraper. Yes a skyscraper.

They have deliberately disassociated themselves from other squatting/occupy movements in that they are determined to give back to the city. So have a range of performances and activities each day.

It was completely inspirational, professional, amazing.

And this is in ITALY. A place where chaos is the norm. It was by far the most organised thing I saw. (with love, italy, there is much greatness in the chaos!)

I went on a Friday evening, and there was quite a crowd out the front. They’d locked so as not to have any trouble. And when a fight did break out they asked everyone to leave. They even started shouting that “the fight is fake. It is a trick by the government. Macao does not support violence.”

Here are a few (crappy) pics i took. And some links to more.

Beautiful photos and philosophy – Vogue

Facebook – photos of all the activities etc.

Their website – check out their videos to see how productive they’re being. 40 videos in 10 days…!

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