A Positive Paper.

by Alex from Maybe ( ) Together

Can the news be positive? Why do our media focus on the bad?

I did a show on empathy fatigue a while ago. It explored the overwhelming feeling you get when you feel you have no empathy to give…and the guilt and complex feelings that are associated.
This was in 2009, post tsunamis, black saturday, lots of horrific things. When the world seemed to be crumbling around us.

But now, I feel like there is more hope. And with that, the ability to empathise more. To find space for others. I think, for me, this is tied up in the Occupy Movement, the power of a critical mass and the feeling that change is coming. Somehow.

There is an excellent project that the Yes Men did in 2008. It was a replica New York Times dated six months into the future that wrote of positive outcomes. “All the news we hope to print.” You can see it here.

What would we hope in the next year to happen?
Who would be our heroes.
Our heroines.
A positive natural disaster.
Education revolution.
Compulsory gap year of volunteering for school graduates.
Ethics uprising.
Scientific developments.
Refugee Detention centres replaced with luxury hotel accommodation.
Indigenous issues addressed.
Bike paths extravaganza. Helmet laws abolished.

To be Continued.