What is public space?

by Alex from Maybe ( ) Together

Today was Occupy Artists’ day.
AKA Occupy Art: International Day of Creative Action. (#f12)

With fellow engaged artists, I was a Member of the Public and occupied City Square for three hours of creative action.

Here is a list of observations, thoughts & pics.

The power of collective action.

It started small. Tiny even.
15 chairs. 15 artists.
a pile of figurines.
a pile of balloons
logo(ed) lanyards around our neck.
Our bodies. Our breath. Our space.
Who’s a member of the public?

Gary from administration arrives.

A rainbow appears.

Islands of cardboard boxes.
A cloud grows too.

Tiny placards for tiny people.
Political or Poetic or Pun-ful.
By us. By them. We make.

Collaborative Art + Public Space = Goal Achieved.

Contributing Artists: Briony Barr, Nathan Gray, Alex Desebrock, Tim Denton, Grayden Shelley, Sam Petersen, Lauren Simmonds, Teigan Evans, Gregory Crocetti, Jacqui Smith, Jodi Newcombe, Daiana Voinescu, Zhen, Suprize Trauma, Lucreccia Quintanilla, Jason Heller, Kaela Drew, Sarah Corynder Forde, Dan Goronszy,  Joel Hynes & more. [list to be extended]