by Alex from Maybe ( ) Together

Apparently this is a new term: Sharism.

For those online “pass it on” acts. You tube. Blogs. Like. etc.

I think sharing is important to my work.
The shared experience
: where audience and performer engage in an interaction together.
: where audience collectively share an experience together.
Each person is responsible for it’s success. You are rewarded for how much you “put in”

And what about when you “recommend” that show? The shared experience afterwards. The detailed description that occurs over coffee?

What if the audience were armed with the tools to recreate the experience they had with another?

In the work I am currently pondering over, i want the audience to be able to “share” the experience with another. At the moment, we’re looking at having only 100 invitations, and that you can only enter the work if you have an invitation. However, after the show you can pass on your invitation to another.
This might be a friend.
Or a stranger.
Or you might think its rubbish and not pass it on at all.

But it offers sharism. Excitement. Investment.