Grease happy.

by Alex from Maybe ( ) Together

Of course there are many great things for having a man in one’s life. In fact men even.
But when one is single, one needs to find one’s own feet. (and sometimes even when you’re not single too. Let’s be honest.)

Today i felt great.
Because of one silly little task I completed.
My bike chain.
It fell off.
For the first time in the 3 years I’ve owned Squeaky (the bike).
This was perhaps the last straw for me at 6.05pm.

Amidst a tri-factor of stress: no job. unsteady home. and disappointing hopes of love.
The idea of my bike falling apart on me was too much.
Far too much.
So, as any reasonable-adult-woman does, I put it away and walked to my destination instead.

There it was when I returned: unusable.

But i took the bull [bike] by the horns, so to speak.
No play till the bike’s fixed, I told myself.

And e-how. Oh e-how.
How e-how works!
“to fix a bike chain that has fallen off, loop the chain over the rear cog and place the chain back on the teeth while slowly peddling forward.”

And. It. Worked.
And I did it. All by myself.

My hands greased up.
My bike ready for a-riding.

And what I assumed would be at least an hour of grunting and swearing (and possibly a phonecall to the ex…) was a total of 5 minutes.

And i happily have the grease traces under my fingernails to prove it.